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That first kiss of the New Year is special: Its supposed to signify that special person with whom well spend the next year, and possibly, forever. So its wise not to squander those affections. When everyone else just puckers up to the nearest set of lips, Robin has always kept her wits and her mouth to herself. An established photographer at a lifestyle website, shes assigned to work on a New Years Eve story with a new hire, Todd. When she confides in Todd that she has never kissed anyone as the clock strikes midnight, he sets about to correct this, by finding someone for Robin to kiss at the magic hour. His theory is a kiss is just a kiss, and she should enjoy the moment. Ultimately, they are both right. Todd finds a man for her to smooch, and Robin does find the right man. And guess who fits the bill?

Unforgettable Trailer - now on DVD & Blu-ray

Unforgettable - now on DVD & Blu-ray

Unforgettable Now on DVD and Bluray

Unforgettable Opens April 21

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