Cheryl Ladd - 1978
  1. Think It Over

  2. Walking in the Rain

  3. Skinnydippin'

  4. I Know I'll Never Love This Way Again

  5. Lady Gray

  6. Good Good Lovin'

  7. You Turn Me Around

  8. I'll Come Runnin'

  9. Here Is A Song

  10. The Rose Nobody Knows

Dance Forever - 1979

  1. Dance Forever

  2. Better Days

  3. Still Awake

  4. On The Run 

  5. Teach Me Tonight

  6. You're The Only One I Ever Needed

  7. Thunder In The Distance

  8. Missing You

  9. Whatever Would I Do Without You

  10. Rock And Roll Slave

Take a Chance - 1981 
(Japanese Release Only)

  1. Take A Chance
  2. Fascinated
  3. Hold On To Love
  4. I Love How You Love Me
  5. Television
  6. Just Another Lover Tonight
  7. Cold As Ice
  8. Lesson From The Leaving
  9. Try A Smile
  10. The Fool In Me
  11. It's Only Love
  12. Victim of the Circumstance

The Best Of Cheryl Ladd  - 1981
(Japanese Release Only) - also was released in Japan onto CD in 1993

  1. Where Is Someone To Love Me
  2. Dance Forever
  3. I know I'll Never Love This Way Again
  4. Walking In The Rain
  5. Just Like Old Times
  6. Better Days
  7. Think It Over
  8. You're The Only One I Ever Needed
  9. The Rose Nobody Knows
  10. Missing You
  11. Good Good Lovin'
  12. Here Is A Song

You Make It Beautiful - 1982 
(Japanese Release Only) 

  1. You Make It Beautiful (w/ Frankie Valli)
  2. Can't Say No To You
  3. Love And Passion
  4. Sakura Sakura

The Best of Cheryl Ladd - 1983 
(Japanese Release Only)

  1. Take a Chance
  2. Just Another Lover tonight
  3. Walking in the Rain
  4. Think It Over
  5. Better Days
  6. He's Looking More Everyday Like The man Who Broke My Heart
  7. Where Is Someone To Love Me
  8. Dance Forever
  9. You Make It Beautiful
  10. Teach Me Tonight
  11. Country Love
  12. Sakura Sakura
  13. You're The Only One I Ever Needed


Josie & The Pussycats (Rhino)

The Best of Cheryl Ladd (Capital)


 45 Records

Spanish 45: Think it over

Spanish 45: Dance Forever


 Japan's 45 Releases
Side A: 
Where Is Someone To Love Me 
B: Just Like Old Times
A: Dance Forever 
B: Missing You

A: Take A Chance
B: Victim Of The Circumstance
Here Is A Song

Walking in The Rain Walking in the Rain 


The Times of Our Lives
1991 CD from JAPAN
Includes "Where is Someone To Love Me"




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